About Mesh Deformer.

Mesh deformer project was created for  fix the issue with the sizes for rigged mesh clothing.  If you read this is because the item you see, include a “sample” object with this feature

On the packs were I include a Mesh with “mesh deformer”  as a sample ( for solve the problem with the sizes), You only can see the effects of the mesh deformer  if you have a viewer with mesh  deformer enabled…

You can download a official test viewer from LL here:

The  Mesh ( with deformer sample ) is only for test proposes , of course you can sell it but the deformer is under development and the code can change and break this feature so use under you own risk, the most likely if in the future this change and break the mesh I WILL NOT UPDATE THE MESH, is better do new things ;).

All packages with a mesh deformer sample have different sizes for easy to fit in case the code change and break the mesh.

And I hope you follow and watching this jira for more information about this nice improvement