Add shadow Maps & Texturing Sculpties for Second Life

See how create sculpts in world, how aply shadow maps in your textures and how texturing your sculpties for Second life

For texturing the model is only necessary to use an image editing program, we recommend GIMP becouse is a free  and powerful software. You do not need any 3d software fortexturing your sculpties.

Put the image of the “occlusion map”(AO) in a top layer to multiply mode for include your shadow maps or your occusion maps on your texture.

[vimeo width=”900″ height=”600″][/vimeo]

An updated tutorial on how texturing more things for Second Life is available HERE. The tutorial is focused on texturing “meshes” for Second Life. This done in GIMP, but the basic principles, such as mixing layers etc. .. to get a more realistic result, with shadows included, is the same in Photoshop.