[EN] MultiUse HUD Maker Kit – Videotutorial series by Lluis Indigo

In the following videos you can learn how to use Multiuse HUD maker kit. English is not my native language, so if you prefer, you can see the video series created by  Celena from DADA  Beiz. 

I hope that the two will help you understand how.

You can also view a series of video tutorials in Spanish, if desired.



  1. Unpack ( Here I explain how unpack )
  2. Build the HUD (On this video you can see how Build the hud easy and how to use the templates
  3. Advanced ( On this video you can learn how customize you hud for example with your own template, you own background image  etc..for create a unique HUD)
  4. HUD set-ip (On this video you can learn how Set up the buttons for the hud )