Mesh Gloves #1

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

Another piece of clothing. This time I had wanted to make woolen gloves. Initially I made them thinking about the girls, to dress with some boots hat or something like that .. but then some people asked me to do the male version. It can also serve to clothing warrior!

DEMO for see the sizes and how this mesh deform with you body are available. You can grab from our in-world store or from Sl marketplace




[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Full perm meshes Light maps
11 Sizes
Face Reference model
Mesh deformer (sample)
Direct download Maps
UV Maps Alpha layer
AO maps
Male & Famale Versions
Normal maps
Land Impact = 8


[wptabtitle] Info[/wptabtitle]

This set is maded with 2 meshes 1 for each glove

Relation between UV & faces:

You can see how many faces have each piece if you rezz the face reference object, each color is 1 face

-The gloves have 1 UV ( yellow color on face reference model)
-The rest , seam and borders , share the same UV

Additionally you can see this video for see more clear what I mean with faces and UV.

You can paint here on Second life (just coloring the models) but I recomended you use a image editing program like GIMP or photoshop for obtain better results because you can add more details on the texture like AO maps etc… You can see the following videotutorial for know how do it. See this videotutorial.

-Follow this link for see more about  About Mesh Deformer


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-You can create a custom shoe as a gift for you wife, girlfriend etc….I mean I allow gifts in case is not for business with the items on the package or you give away on groups etc…I think you understand ;)


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