Mesh shoe #4 (pumps)

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

Initially for this shoe had thought of a unique design but as I was modeling, I took a couple of variations that could be useful to do a bit more diverse the creative process.

Thus was born the version 1 of these shoes pump. Shortly after publishing some people told me that this shoe with a little more platform would be very sexy so I decided to create another version, this time with more platform for the 3 variations. In addition to this second version I Create a poly-blend V1.2 which, in my opinion, gives better results by being a little tight (can be used on previous shoes).

Each of these shoes can be found in a pack of 3 (V1 & V2) or each separately

Hope you like!



[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Full perm meshes  Alpha Layer
3 shoes in each Version
 Poly-blend Mask
3 Heels in each version
Not Rigged
UV Maps Direct Download maps
AO maps
Land Impact = 23


[wptabtitle] Info[/wptabtitle]

This set is maded with 4 meshes 1 for the poly-blend object (mask for the ankle), 1 for each shoe model, 1 for each heel model,and another fot the foot ( for the open shoe I include 1 objhect for the naisl too)

Relation between UV & faces:

You can see how many faces have each piece if you rezz the face reference object, each color is 1 face

Each Object have only 1 UV for all the faces

On this case , the faces only help you for texturing, ( for know how many times you must repeat the texture on some place) because all faces on all pieces share the UV , for example .. shoe 1 have 3 faces ( exterior, interior and border) this 3 faces use the same UV so the same texture for all parts. The same for the rest

Additionally you can see this video for see more clear what I mean with faces and UV.

You can paint here on Second life (just coloring the models) but I recomended you use a image editing program like GIMP or photoshop for obtain better results because you can add more details on the texture like AO maps etc… You can see the following videotutorial for know how do it. See this videotutorial.


(c)2013, Lluis Indigo, All Rights Reserved

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-You can use this template for produce a finished product. I mean .. with custom textures, huds or other stuff you want to add it.

-You can sell you finished product.The minimum price you can charge for you finished product must be over 100 L

-You can include this shoe in your outfit but remember the price for the finished product must be over 100 L

-You can create a custom shoe as a gift for you wife, girlfriend etc….I mean I allow gifts in case is not for business with the items on the package or you give away on groups etc…I think you understand ;)


– Sell, transfer or give away the items on this package with COPY and TRANSFER perm. Simultaneously.

– Sell, transfer or give away the items on the package (event with your own stuff) for free, freebie,gift, business in a box, MM boards or something like that, (remember this template is only for you can create a finished product and sell it and the others can do it if they want)

-Sell “as is”. You must do some noticeable work

-Sell the finished product Under 100 L (99 allowed..)

-Use out second life.