New Wesite Design


Hi all, this post is to give you some hints about new web design.

As some of you may know, the past few months I have been working on this new design and I had to stop creating new mesh templates  for a while.

With this update, I tried to make the site more colorful and functional. The content is organized as clearly, looking to the future, incorporating new technology for the web.

The first thing you can jump out is the change of logo. I decided to change it because this seems more dynamic, shorter, is easy to remember and try to recover the original spirit of the brand, only 3 letters, as an acronym for “Advanced Virtual Interactions”.

Not much trouble for you, I guess, because it keeps the same colors and I think it is easy to recognize, this is more than anything a personal touch, to accompany the new design

Now let me highlight some of the features that may interest you more:

3d Viewer

No doubt, for me, the most special feature of this new design is the possibility to preview the real-time models, and in 3 dimensions, with the possibility to rotate, zoom and pan over to examine it thoroughly .

Not only that, also in this 3d viewer, I have incorporated the option to preview the model: textured, textured with Ambien  occlusion (AO) only  and is also the possibility to show their faces and how it distorts the texture on the model, quickly.

This tool is made ​​possible by the WebGL technology.(most web browsers have it enabled by default)

Below you can see an example of the preview for the parallel models in this viewer:



Sculptie Tank

Another unique feature of this new design, thanks to HTML5 is the new section “sculptie Tank” where you see most of the sculpties that I made ​​over the years, can be fun!

Easy Contact

Apart from this exciting new technology, I’ve also implemented some features to interact with you in a way easier. I put a button, visible on every page, so, if you wish, to send a feedback with any questions or suggestions that you have. Also available is a contact form where you can indicate if you want more details ;)


 Some people asked me if there was any fomra of follow updates of my creations, well, until now did not have a good system. With this subscription system, you can choose what content to receive, if you want to adult, if you do not want to adult, if you only want to receive updates from the templates etc. .. I hope you find it useful!

Also you can still follow us on twitter ;)


So now, finally! the website is functional and I can start creating new templates and content for Second Life! (abstinence syndrome;))

I hope you like the new design!