Shoe #7 (for men)

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

Someone told me that this type of shoe was popular in the U.S. so I decided to try to create a design for this summer. Also This shoe is ready for wear with petities avatars !




[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Full perm meshes UV maps
not rigged
Normal maps
Petites size OK
Specular Maps
Materials Ready Version
Difuse Maps
Old Style Version
AO maps
OBJ + PSD files
Direct ODwnload


[wptabtitle] Info[/wptabtitle]

– This shoe can be used with petities, are not rigged so is good for resize.

– This package is optimized for use materials ( the new feature in Secodn life) but Also include a model for work like before, this model include prim seams and the apropiate maps for shadows etc…I called (old style)

-This Package include also 7 seamless materials, so you can use it were you want (I’m not upload the maps to SL but you can if ou not sell the materials or maps itself (as is) , are only for use on you creations)

– Explanations about relatoins between faces and UV are explained on the PSD file.

– If you want work with ( old style ) model , I recommended to you use “box selectoin mode” for select “prim seams”  , sinze are ready to be nano , you select inside a bunch of bounding boxes, and “box select mode” in some cases is the only way to select it.

Additionally you can see this video for see more clear what I mean with faces and UV.

You can paint here on Second life (just coloring the models) but I recomended you use a image editing program like GIMP or photoshop for obtain better results because you can add more details on the texture like AO maps etc… You can see the following videotutorial for know how do it. See this videotutorial.


(c)2013, Lluis Indigo, All Rights Reserved

Buying this product you agree to the following according to the TOS of Second life


-You can use this template for produce a finished product. I mean .. with custom textures, huds or other stuff you want to add it.

-On this package is included a .OBJ file. You can use exclusively for paint on a 3d software , photoshop or just for test the textures before upload.

-You can sell you finished product.The minimum price is: 100 L ( 99 allowed)

-You can include this meshs in your outfit but remember you Must increase you finished product 100 L

-You can create a custom outfit as a gift for you wife, girlfriend etc….I mean I allow gifs in case is not for business with the items on the package or you give away on groups etc…I think you uderstand ;)



– Sell, transfer or give away the items on this package (included the download files) with COPY and TRANSFER perm. Simultaneously.

– sell, transfer or give away the items on the package (event with your own stuff) for free,
freebie,gift, business in a box, MM boards or something like that, (remember this template is only for you can create a finished product and sell it) – (included the download files)

-Sell “as is”. Work should be noted in the final product

-Sell the finished product Breaking the minimum price ( remember not more than 100 L )

– Use the .ObJ for other proposes than create or check the textures for you meshes on second life. The Obj files are not optimized. If you want use for other proposes not related with second life and you work on second life, feel free to ask me

-Re-upload the meshes

-Use out second life.