Shoes 4-V2

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

These models were created for use in Second Life or OpenSim-based virtual worlds, but can be used for any other purpose, for example use it on your character, for a sexy render image ;).

The package include a subdivision ready model (for renders, games etc..) and a OpenSim version (for virtual worlds)

On the 3d Preview tab you can see these shoes along with the first version of them. Take a look, if you wish

If you look for a Second Life version , you can find it here)


[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Polygons = 1,231         Vertices =1,308          Subdivision ready 

UV Maped
Blender File (with materials ready to render in cycles)
1 shoe model (Left & Right) in 3 variations
Collada(dae) files, for OpenSim Version
Textures for Leather Material (1024×1024 seamless)
AO,UV Maps,heightlights,PSD for OpenSim Version (1024×1024)
Instructions  for OpenSim worlds



[wptabtitle] Pictures[/wptabtitle]
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[wptabtitle] 3D-Preview[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]


(c)2011, Lluis Garcia, All Rights Reserved

Besides the general license…(you can see it on

-Is not allowed Upload to Second Life

-Is not allowed Upload to a Virtual World and sell the meshes as a full perm product

(You can upload in others virtual worlds based on OpenSim if the company that host the SIM’s NOT have a TOS where claim All rights on the uploads by the users)