Shoes 8

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

This shoe was created for second life world, now is time to release for use in other grids, still image renders, games etc..
This shoe is optimized for game engines, specially if the camera  can go close, around the shoe, like in OpenSim servers.

In case you want to use it outside the gaming environment, you can apply sub-divisions without any problem.

In the package, I have included a blender file with the materials needed to make a render in cycles. if you use Max, Maya or other software, you can easily import the shoes as obj files. include and. fbx (materials not configured, only assigned in the corresponding zones)

If you were looking for the second life version, can be found  here)


[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Polygons =8885

Vertices =4609

Subdivision ready

Separated Pieces

OBJ & FBX FIles (left and right shoe)

UV Maped

Blender Files: (left and right shoe)

-1024×1024 textures (difuse , normal and specular for blender internal , glsl, games etc..)
-Materials ready to render in cycles

Collada(dae) files, for OpenSim Version (left and right shoe)

PSD for all pieces for easy change colors (1024×1204)

Additional textures (Ambient Oclcusion, utils, uvmaps, normal maps)


[wptabtitle] Pictures[/wptabtitle]
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[wptabtitle] 3D-Preview[/wptabtitle][wptabcontent]


(c)2011, Lluis Garcia, All Rights Reserved

Besides the general license…(you can see it on

-Is not allowed Upload to Second Life

-Is not allowed Upload to a Virtual World and sell the meshes as a full perm product

(You can upload in others virtual worlds based on OpenSim if the company that host the SIM’s NOT have a TOS where claim All rights on the uploads by the users)