Interior Props Collection #1

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[wptabtitle] Overview[/wptabtitle]

Collection of items to fill interior scenes
In this collection I have included 4 types of objects. Decorative items, furniture, electronic items and plants

Here you can see a scene created with this props :

In the package, I have included a blender file with the materials needed to make a render in cycles. if you use Max, Maya or other software, you can easily import the shoes as obj files. include and. fbx (materials not configured, only assigned in the corresponding zones)

Decorative Items:

  • 51 Indivicual books + (lowpoly version) + textures + Psd
  • 2 Groups of scattered books + (lowpoly version) + textures (1 for all, books 4096px) + Psd
  • 1 Groups of stacked books + (lowpoly version) + textures (1 for all, books 4096px) + Ps
  • 1 Encyclopedia (25 books) + (lowpoly version) + textures (1 for all, books 4096px) + Psd
  • 1 Decorative Plate + (lowpoly version) + textures
  • 1 Dao scritp for walls (Procedural Material)
  • 1 Pakua sign for walls ( Textures + Procedural Material)
  • 1 Turtle statuette (Rigged) + 2048 Textures
  • 1 Group Of Magazines
  • 1 Love Figure
  • 1 Simple Wall Lamp
  • 1 Picture Frame
  • 1 Glass


Furniture Items:

  • 1 Salon Furniture + lowpoly version
  • 1 Lounge chair + lowpoly version
  • 1 Shelf + lowpoly version
  • 1 Mini Table + lowpoly version
  • 1 Wooden Window + lowpoly version
  • 1 Painting for the walls


Electronic Items:

  • 1 Hi-Fi + lowpoly version
  • 1 Generic Smartphone + lowpoly version
  • 1 Plasma Tv For walls + lowpoly version


Plant Items:

  • Indoor plant, especially for corners
  • Indoor plant to place on top of objects
  • Indoor plant to fill spaces



[wptabtitle] Features[/wptabtitle]

Subdivision ready


UV Maped (non overlaping)

Blender Files (Materials ready to render in cycles)


Low Poly versions


[wptabtitle] Pictures[/wptabtitle]
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(c)2014, Lluis Garcia, All Rights Reserved

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-Is not allowed Upload to Second Life

-Is not allowed Upload to a Virtual World and sell the meshes as a full perm product

(You can upload in others virtual worlds based on OpenSim if the company that host the SIM’s NOT have a TOS where claim All rights on the uploads by the users)